Brooklyn Brewery Pulp Art: Hazy IPA for the People packaging design

Category: Packaging; Entrant: Thirst Craft

With this product, Brooklyn Brewery wanted to bring the IPA ‘haze craze’ to a mainstream audience. While well established in America, in other global markets, hazy IPAs have a less familiar status, often only enjoyed by craft beer connoisseurs.

Brooklyn Brewery’s mission was simple: take juicy, tropical, deliciously hazy IPA to the masses.

The design was inspired by the Pop Art movement, with the Brooklyn Brewery badge given a Pop Art makeover inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s signature style of thick black lines, clashing colours and Ben-Day dots. To emphasise the bold flavour palette of the beer, striking secondary patterns, in-your-face typography and a liberal use of exclamation points were used across advertising.

Design Studio: Thirst Craft
Creative Director: Matt Burns
Strategy Director: Claire Barrett 
Account Director: Lynsey Pritchard