Brothers & Others

Personal work by Alexander Coggin

“Brothers & Others is an ongoing personal series capturing the sets, costumes, character and visual theatricalities of my husband Michael’s affluent American family in their annual summer vacation-land,” says Coggin.

From Brothers & Others by Alexander Coggin

“Finding my role in his large midwestern family has been a challenge, and observing from behind my camera has helped me understand their dynamics and my role within their complex familial structure,” he says.

From Brothers & Others by Alexander Coggin

Most of the images were shot in the Crystal Downs Country Club, an affluent golfing community between Lake Michigan and Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Michigan. “It’s a culture fixed in white hetero-normativity, with social expectations like dress codes and cocktail hours and the continual performance of leisure. By showing the soft moments, the moments of error, bizarreness, even compassion, I’m showing a softer belly of a privilege that is often an easy target for parody.”

From Brothers & Others by Alexander Coggin

Coggin was also featured in one of Gem Fletcher’s Exposure series on photographers in CR’s October/November 2017 issue.

The Humour issue

CR gets serious about being funny featuring
Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, Lisa McGee,
Naresh Ramchandani, David Kolbusz, Roz Chast,
Emily Oberman, Asterix, Stephen Collins,
Dominic Wilcox and the DLR

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