Buffalo Zine exposes the stresses of mag making with an unfinished issue

The biannual fashion mag has met its print deadline for the first time, but punctuality has come at a cost – the issue isn’t finished. In an exclusive chat, CR talks to the team to find out what happened

Shapeshifting fashion mag Buffalo Zine is back with its tenth anniversary issue and typically it’s as brilliant and surprising as you’d hope. For those not in the know, Buffalo Zine launched in 2011 and it’s continually challenged the traditional magazine model by reinventing itself for every issue. Past issues have seen it literally become the identities of other fashion magazines, slip into the persona of a food journal and adopt various iterations of classic interiors publications

For its tenth issue, Buffalo Zine has changed tact, and instead of embracing a different publishing persona, it’s made punctuality its top priority. However, the price of meeting a deadline above everything else has meant Buffalo Zine is publishing an incomplete magazine.