Build and Blanka celebrate moon landing

Build and Blanka have released a limited edition glow in the dark moon poster…

To coincide with yesterday’s 40th anniversary of the moon landing Blanka has released a new poster by Build. The poster is the sixth in Build’s ongoing scale series – all of which depict a coloured circle representing different globular objects. Previous posters in the series include the sun, the earth, a carbon atom and the death star. “We originally came up with the idea 18 months ago,” says Blam from Blanka, “and have been sitting on it for what seems like forever. When we came up with it we decided it would be nicer to save it for the 40th anniversary.”

The posters are available in a black and a white version (both with phosphorescent – glow in the dark ink) but if you want them you better hurry because, Blam tells us, they’re selling like hot cakes!


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