Burberry: Open Spaces commercial

Category: Directing; Entrant: Riff Raff Films

Burberry Open Spaces 1

Burberry’s Open Spaces ad, which has also received an Honourable Mention in Commercials, sees directing team Megaforce reunited with the fashion brand and creative director Riccardo Tisci following their previous collaboration on the hugely successful Festive ad, released for Christmas 2020.

Like Festive, Open Spaces features choreography from (La) Horde, who have helped to create a gravity-defying film, which sees a group of friends flying through the British countryside, crossing fields, forests and a lake before coming together as one in the sky above a cliff edge.

“For this film, we had the idea to celebrate the joy of being free, the love for nature, and the strength of the ­collective,” said Megaforce on the ad’s release. “These are familiar themes to Burberry’s vocabulary, as well as its heritage of exploring the outdoors. We wanted to communicate these ­notions and it’s such a nice feeling when something out of our imagination becomes a reality.”

Agency: BBC Creative
Executive Creative Director: Helen Rhodes
Creative Director: Mina Patel
Creatives: Charlotte Humphreys, Mat Rees
Craft Creative: Dominic Lea
Producer: Sarah Bradbury
Project Manager: Carly Mountford
Production Manager: Jess Fenton
Production Coordinator: Caitlin Setterfield
Senior Designer: Ian Jones
Designer: Lee Wignall
Digital Consultant: Owen Williams (SIML)