Enjoyably silly burger ad for US brand Postmates

US food delivery brand Postmates gets to the nub of what it’s like to get a craving for a burger, in this surreal new spot from directing team The Sacred Egg

The spot, created by Mother LA, opens with an average scene on the New York subway, before suddenly it comes alive with zero gravity burgers.

They are particularly bouncy burgers, which according to director Alex Mavor (of The Sacred Egg) was one of the more enjoyable aspects of creating the ad. The burger texture was developed by the directors in collaboration with post-house MPC.

“It was important that they [the burgers] looked real and delicious,” says Mavor. “And that they obeyed the precise laws of zero gravity physics as they bounced and rebounded off each other, but then we wanted them to have a slightly dreamy texture. Which is how we arrived at their squishier than normal compression, and the way their ingredients reverberate ever so slightly after impact.”

Agency: Mother LA
ECD: Joe Staples
Creative directors: Andrew Livingston, Simon Bruyn
Creatives: Casey Philips, Russ Rizzo
Production company: Riff Raff Films
Directors: The Sacred Egg
Post: MPC London/Bangalore