Burger King celebrates 70 years with a kiss between old flames

Buenos Aires-based agencies Room23 and Trans Company have collaborated to serve up a steamy campaign for the fast food chain to show how it’s still keeping its love for burgers alive

After 70 years of serving up flame-grilled burgers, Burger King Brazil has declared ‘the fire’s still burning’ with a new campaign that demonstrates things are hotter than ever.

Created by Buenos Aires-based creative agencies Room 23 and Trans Company, the burger chain has launched a series of print ads shot by fashion photographer Guy Aroch.

Captured in the Burger King drive-thru and car park are a handful of older couples seen in steamy embraces and declaring their passion and love for each other ’70 years later’.

“Anniversary campaigns tend to be self-congratulatory. We wanted it to say something relevant for the consumer,” says creative director Sebastian Wilhem. “The fact that their burgers are flame-grilled, that BK’s tone of voice is cheeky and that old people never get to be sexualised in ads made this idea work for us.”

For years the industry has been criticised for having an age problem, both within and behind the work. As a result, the campaign has been applauded for bucking the trend and eschewing younger couples for ones in their golden years.

“In an industry where older individuals are often sidelined or overlooked, we wanted to shine a spotlight on their vitality and desire,” says fellow creative director Maxi Anselmo. “By showcasing seniors engaging in intimate moments, we’re breaking barriers and inviting viewers to embrace the idea that desire knows no age limit.”

Alongside the print ads are also social spots and films, one of which sees an older couple sharing an amorous moment with an ice cream, and another features a saucy embrace in the front seat of a car.

Agencies: Trans Company, Room 23
Creative Directors: Sebastian Wilhelm, Maxi Anselmo
Photographer/Director: Guy Aroch
Production Company: Artworld, New York