Image from Burger King campaign A Little More Confusing showing a child gazing out of the window of a black car driving through city streets. The image is taken from the outside

Burger King follows up Confusing Times campaign from child’s perspective

The brand’s latest campaign reminds us that the world is a confusing place, especially when its food can taste like meat, without containing any

Burger King has followed up its Confusing Times campaigns, created by David Madrid to help to promote Burger King’s plant-based meals, with a new iteration called A Little More Confusing.

The first two campaigns in the series presented dilemmas around subjects such as working from home, online dating, and living sustainably, to name but a few. The new campaign switches focus from these previously adult-orientated concerns to the never-ending questions on the minds of kids everywhere, who muse on empty cookie jars, schooltime questions, and snails’ lack of legs.

“Why were swear words invented if you can’t use them?” and “Is there a wrong way to colour in a chameleon?” are just some of the points that the children ponder in the campaign film, directed by Oscar nominated director Claudia Llosa. Clearly, as they say, “Everything’s a little confusing these days.”

Just as confusing as Burger King’s plant-based offerings, which have expanded recently to include a plant-based Whopper Jr, Long Chicken, and nuggets, and are causing some to scratch their heads in disbelief at the meaty taste.

Image of a print ad for Burger King's A Little More Confusing campaign, showing a child sat on a green sofa wearing a Burger King paper crown with a pile of plant based Nuggets on the sofa, headlined 'Why does Mr Fletcher ask us so many questions?'

“We’re having so much fun exploring and stretching this boundless creative platform for Burger King’s plant-based category and products,” says Saulo Rocha, CCO at David Madrid. “Looking at confusion from a child’s perspective, and working with children for this chapter, was both very exciting and very challenging.”