Burger King: We Give Up campaign

Entrant: BBH; Category: Photography

Burger King We Give Up

In order to sell Burger King’s Chicken Royale, BBH used Burger King’s biggest asset: the Whopper. “Burger King and Whopper. Whopper and Burger King. It’s a tale as old as time,” says ad agency BBH, which is behind the campaign. “Well … as old as Burger King. Since 1954 it has favoured the Whopper. Bombarding the world with it. Spending millions in ad spend on it. Endorsing celebrities for it. Even naming themselves the ‘home’ of it.

“It was all in vain when we discovered that, for some people, Burger King is actually the home of the Chicken Royale – the nation’s favourite chicken sandwich.”

To illustrate this conundrum, the agency worked with photographer Lou Escobar to create a series of brightly lit, tongue-in-cheek posters that capture fans tucking into a Chicken Royale while Burger King advertised the Whopper in the background.

Agency: BBH
Deputy ECD: Felipe Guimaraes
Creatives: Jennifer Ashton, Oliver Short
Art Producer: Lauren Daniels
Designers: Josh Bailey, James Parkinson
Photographer: Lou Escobar
Burger King CMO: Katie Evans