Butterkist Microwave - Static LR

Butterkist brings giant microwaves to billboards across the UK

The new campaign promotes Butterkist’s microwavable popcorn while reminding people it’s the go-to snack for high drama and gossip

The latest campaign from the popcorn brand is enjoyably simple and aims to transfix viewers with the vision of a microwave slowly cooking the snack.

The giant packs of Butterkist will appear on digital billboards across the UK, complete with full audio, including the familiar microwave ‘ping’ to signal that the snack is ready.

As a piece of ASMR that might be enough to get people salivating but the ads also subtly remind audiences of popcorn’s status as the snack to be consumed when you’re watching a meltdown unfold via four buttons on the side of the machine set to ‘reheated debates’, ‘steamy dramas’, ‘grilled celebs’, and ‘comedy roasts’.

This aspect of the campaign connects to Butterkist’s recent reactive ads which have popped up in the press or on billboards in response to moments of cultural drama, including the Rooney vs Vardy court case, and Partygate in Downing Street. It’s all a clever way of reminding audiences to ‘go grab the Butterkist’, as the tagline says.

Butterkist Microwave_Insitu_01

Creative Agency: St Luke’s
Joint Chief Creative Officer: Richard Denney
Creatives: Phillip Meyler, Darren Keff
Head of Art and Design: Pete Mould