Why do we all use the same buzzwords?

When talking about creative people and work, we often use stock phrases and words to describe things. So how do we make sure our ‘blue sky thinking’ is understood?

In marketing and advertising the goal is often to sell something, to grab attention or persuade the audience, and this typically extends to the way we write about that work and the people who created it. As a result things like case studies, press releases, job ads, decks and no doubt a fair few CR articles feature similar buzzwords to drum up excitement and tell everyone this new thing is really worth looking at. 

While certain words go in and out of fashion, these days every idea is ‘game changing’, we have to take the audience on a ‘journey’, every typeface is ‘bespoke’, and the team who worked on it are ‘disruptive innovators’.   

So if everyone is using the same dynamic, cutting-edge, and forward-thinking language, what’s the harm? For starters, the words can start to lose their impact and become meaningless. This is what designer Ruby Donachy found during her project Good Honest Work.

All images: Good Honest Work, Ruby Donachy