Cadbury ad screengrab

Cadbury’s subtle new spot focuses on generosity

The low-key ad is the latest from the brand to use gentle storytelling to continue its message of how its Dairy Milk bars spread joy

Created by VCCP London, the new film for Dairy Milk focuses on an exchange between a father and daughter. Set in a garage where the daughter is doing the nightshift and her dad is filling up his car, the spot uses few words to express a loving, if seemingly slightly complex, relationship.

We might be a long way away from the madcap Dairy Milk days of the drumming gorilla, but the pivot here is still that the chocolate bar is a simple piece of joy, that can be used to spread happiness.

Shot by director Steve Rogers, the ad is in a similar vein to other recent ads for Dairy Milk, including Mum’s Birthday and Fence, which all tell stories of how small acts of kindness can go a long way.

This strategy seems all the more relevant in today’s turbulent times. “We’ve always said generosity is out there in the world, it just doesn’t shout as loudly as the negative stuff,” say Jonny Parker and Chris Birch, VCCP ECDs. “Garage is another one of those quiet small Cadbury films that hopefully makes people feel something big.”

Agency: VCCP
ECDs: Chris Birch, Jonathan Parker
Creatives: Simon Connor, Steve Cross
Production Company: Somesuch & Co
Director: Steve Rogers
Edit House: The Quarry
Editor: Jonnie Scarlett