Camille Walala has brightened up a dull east London high street

The artist’s trademark lines and squiggles have landed on London’s Leyton High Road, as part of her crowdfunded Walala Parade artwork

Camille Walala and local art collective Wood Street Walls raised a total of £40k to install the piece – including a £25k donation from the Mayor of London – which stretches across several shops in Leyton. As well as contributing money to support the piece, Londoners were able to vote on their favourite design online, before the artwork was painted – using recycled and carbon-absorbing paint.

The final piece is classic Walala, with its bright colours, Memphis-style graphics, and general air of exuberance. It feels a particularly fitting addition to the high street right now, when many shops are struggling to recover from the after-effects of lockdown, and many are understandably nervous about getting back out into the world again.

“Art and colour have an amazing power to spread positivity, especially at the scale of the street,” says the artist. “It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to have such a significant impact on the look and feel of an entire neighbourhood and inspiring to be part of such a community-driven initiative.”

Walala’s approach has been much in demand in recent years, which has seen the artist’s distinctive supergraphics applied to everything from a Lego house installation and pedestrian crossing, to an inflatable castle.

Photography by Tim Crocker and Wood Street Walls,;