Can design fix social media?

This week on CR, we’re looking at the subject of social media. Here we ask creatives for their thoughts on how we can tackle some of the biggest problems facing social platforms, from echo chambers to addiction and extremism

If you could redesign social media, how would you do it? What changes would you like to see introduced on social platforms? And how can existing apps be improved to create a more positive experience for users? As part of our in-depth look at social media, we put these questions to four creatives working in the digital world.

Their suggestions, all featured below, cover a range of pressing issues – from addiction to information overload – and include innovative uses of AI as well as alternative approaches to curation and content moderation.


Anab Jain is co-founder of Superflux – a London-based creative studio that has worked with brands, governments and charities to imagine the potential impact of current products and technologies from AI to autonomous vehicles.