Canal+: Closet – BETC Euro RSCG – 7.013


In it, a man escapes armed pursuers by hiding up a tree. The tree, however, is cut down and lands in a river then flies over a waterfall before ending up in a saw mill, with our hero still clinging on. He then finds himself in a furniture factory where he is sealed inside a new wardrobe and put on a truck, which is how he comes to be in the closet of a naked woman when her husband arrives home unexpectedly, and awkwardly, early.



The end tagline then reveals that our hero is, in fact, a scriptwriter for Canal+ and there fore used to spinning great yarns. Written by BETC Euro RSCG in Paris, the commercial is the latest in a series of humorous ads from the agency for Canal+, which includes The March of Emperor spot spot from 2005.




Agency Supervisors : Raphaël de Andréis, Alexandre George, François Brogi, Clémence Körber, Creative Director : Stéphane Xiberras, Art Director : Eric Astorgue, Assistant Art Director: Julien Schmitt, Copywriter : Jean-Christophe Royer, TV Producer: Isabelle Ménard, Photography Director: Joost van gelder, Editor:  Jono GRIFFITH, Director: Matthijs VAN HEIJNINGEN, Production Company: SOIXANTE QUINZE, Sound: KOUZ Production, Post-production: MIKROS Image


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