Carl Kleiner: There Will Be Blood

Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner’s There Will Be Blood series is a beautiful exploration of geometry, materials, colour and light

Swedish photographer Carl Kleiner’s There Will Be Blood series is a beautiful exploration of geometry, materials, colour and light



Regular CR readers may well remeber Kleiner’s extraordinary series of images for an Ikea baking book, shot for Forsman & Bodenfors in 2010.


He also shot the cover images for our Annual in 2012


In this new series, Kleiner combines different paper stocks to extraordinary effect.



“The series came to life when I was sketching for a project for Google this spring,” Kleiner says. “The brief was to create strong graphic compositions with paper as the raw material. The images had to be easy to use as backgrounds for lots of random formats and uses. In previous work my paper arrangements had always been flat, sometimes with a tromp l’oeil effect but always layered flat. In an attempt to move forward I changed from using a very soft ambient light to a razor sharp, hard direct light. I also experimented with arranging the sheets at different levels and angles. The shadow suddenly became a key player. I presented the pink and red image to Google but unfortunately the gradients and shadows were too complicated for what they needed, so I provided them with another option. However, I liked this technique so I started to develop it further in my own time.”



“A while ago I saw an exhibition by Lee Lozano. There was a series of huge paintings that I really, really liked. One piece, ‘Grass Pieces’, is a tight crop of a drill. The painting is very violent to me and her composition is strong and breathtaking. I’m not saying my images are close to hers, but I want to hit the spot were the composition just shakes you,” Kleiner says.



“All images are created in front, or under the camera,” Kleiner reveals. “I tried to do sketches first, but as the technique was new to me, I found that the sketches were just getting in the way of the process. I knew what I wanted to achieve in terms of composition and the best way of getting there was to just let them come to me during the process of making them.”










Yes, other photographers have done similar projects (Jenny van Sommers, for example, has done some extraordinary work with the simple lines and shapes) but this set of images is a more than worthy addition to that canon.

Carl Kleiner is represented by Mink Management. See more of his work here





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