Carlota Guerrero’s subversive take on the female form

The Spanish imagemaker discusses the making of her debut monograph, her collaborations with everyone from Solange to Rupi Kaur, and the evolution of her mission to challenge the male gaze

“I wouldn’t even consider myself a photographer,” says Carlota Guerrero. It’s a bold statement coming from one of the most in-demand imagemakers of the moment – best known for her portrait of Solange that graced the cover of the singer’s iconic 2016 album A Seat At The Table, along with high-profile editorial and commercial commissions for the likes of the New Yorker, Nike and Givenchy.

Guerrero’s assertion that she is not a photographer arguably goes back to her self-taught roots, when her creativity manifested itself in everything from dance and choreography to collage-making. “My main interest is not photography itself, it is the performance and the conceptualisation of what I’m creating, and then photography is something to document that. I don’t think that much about the technique, so I like to work with very technical teams that can supply the knowledge which I’m not particularly interested in,” she tells CR.

Top: Awkward Moments performance with Marta Armengol; Above: Album cover for Solange’s A Seat at the Table