Carolina Moscoso on being pushed out of her comfort zone

The illustrator discusses the respect needed for a positive client/creative relationship and the importance of a creative community

“I’ve always wanted to make images in some way, but chose architecture initially, from a combined interest in drawing, design and making things at different scales,” Carolina Moscoso tells CR. “This gave me a platform to think about space and learn to present ideas visually that interested me beyond the descriptive/technical level.”

While Moscoso is working full time on illustration now, it was moving to New York that became the push she needed to pursue a new direction. “I applied to a summer residency at the School of Visual Arts where I met great teachers and artists, defined my skills and got a peek into the art world in the city, mostly getting to understand what I wanted and could do in the field,” she says. “I ended up staying here to work as an architect for a few more years, but was determined to build an [illustration] portfolio and evolve as much as possible, which eventually led to some curiosity by clients and my first project.” 

House. All images: Carolina Moscoso