Carsales AutoAds by CHE Proximity

This project was selected in both the Direct Marketing and Craft & Technical Innovation categories in The Annual 2019, CR’s award scheme celebrating the best in commercial creativity

CHE Proximity’s witty campaign for Carsales used sophisticated algorithms to generate custom ads for second-hand car listings. Car owners selling their vehicle through the site could input their details to receive a custom video that parodied popular car advertising cliches. Ads were generated in real time as customers created their listing, with algorithms pulling details from the listing and selecting relevant images and video from a vast library of assets which covered different price ranges, mileages and sellers’ names. Each ad played on a classic car ad theme, from urban to adventure, to family and luxury.

The campaign gave sellers an amusing piece of content to share on their social channels and made the experience of listing a car – and shopping for one – more entertaining. More than 435,000 ads were generated within a week of its launch, helping to promote second-hand car sales at a time when low interest rates had made new cars more accessible.

Agency: CHE Proximity. Client: CCO: Ant White. Executive Creative Director: Glen Dickson. Creative Directors: Chris Andrews, Garret Fitzgerald, Joe Hill. Senior Copywriter: Cameron Bell. Senior Art Director: Sam Dickson. Head of CHEP Films: Julie Duff. Producer: Elena Szymanski. Editing/VFX: Damian Capicchiano. Sound Post-Production: Matt Thompson. Technical Director – Product & Communications: Matthew Rose. Technical Director – Web & Platform: Hoang Nguyen. Creative Technologist: Andy Stewart. Digital Producer: Sam Bury. CEO: Chris Howatson. Chief Operating Officer: Andrew Drougas. Group Account Director: Jess Hughes. Account Director: Sarah Newell. Planning Director: James Needham. Music: Loner Studio. Production Company: Guilty. Director: Tony Rogers. Producers: Jason Byrne, Rohan Timlock. CMO: Kellie Cordner. Group Marketing Manager: Trudi Sampola. Brand Manager: Jun Lee Sia. Digital Specialist: Caitlin Retell. Development Manager: Luke Bronts. PR Director: Sarah-Lucy Price.