Advice for Creatives

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What adland can learn from 50 Cent

Stepping outside your cultural comfort zones can be a boon to your creativity says our ad correspondent Ben Kay, who has found himself surprisingly inspired by the teachings of the In da Club rapper


Why every agency needs to talk about mistakes

Errors, cock ups, blunders – we have plenty of words for mistakes but rarely like to admit they happen. Here, agency founder Carsten Glock argues that this is gaffe in itself and instead we should embrace them to create a better work culture

The art of writing a brief

We look into why briefs are so imperative to get right, the difference between advertising and design briefs, and whether visuals have any place in them


How to write a great advertising slogan

Here, our advertising correspondent breaks down the methodology for creating a great slogan, by examining some of the iconic endlines of the past. But is there really a formula for brilliant creative work?

How much do you earn?

Every single person at How&How knows what their colleagues are being paid, from the most junior designer to the studio’s owners. The branding studio’s co-founder Cat How discusses the pros and cons of total salary transparency