A future without brand purpose

If we’re serious about brands doing less harm and more good in the world, then we need to drop the flawed idea of brand purpose – and retain the good intentions behind it

Designing ourselves: The future of cyborgs

In our tech-obsessed world, merging man and machine could be the next logical step – but comes with a whole host of ethical questions. We speak to activist and artist Neil Harbisson about life as a cyborg, and what the future holds for ‘transpecies’

Designing the UK’s local currencies

CR investigates the growing collection of regional currencies across the UK, and how launching alternative bank notes can help with everything from supporting communities to abolishing local debt

The Wait by Samuel Napper

Photo series The Wait by Samuel Napper celebrates the people whose responsibility it is to wait. Shot entirely in Cape Town, this series receives a Best in Book award in CR’s Photography Annual 2018

Zeitgeist: Tyler Mitchell

Photographer Tyler Mitchell is one of the winners of the Zeitgeist award in The Photography Annual 2018. The award recognises rising stars of the photography world; artists who have captured the mood and our imaginations this past year

Alexander Coggin: I Also Went to the Royal Wedding

Alexander Coggin gave us an alternative view of the royal wedding, one from the perspective of the fans, and those who saw the event as an opportunity for a picnic in the sun. This series titled I Also Went to the Royal Wedding is selected as Best in Book in The Photography Annual 2018

Casper Sejersen for Beauty Papers

Hair like you would have never seen it before; this collaboration between photographer Casper Sejersen and hairdresser Gary Gill for Beauty Papers magazine. It receives a Best in Book award in CR’s Photography Annual 2018


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