Central Station: the other Factory designers

In the story of Factory Records, a riotous, ribald final chapter is just as much a part of Factory’s contribution to popular culture as Saville’s earlier elegance

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Designs on Your Money

A few weeks ago, designer Matthew Dent’s latest project was unveiled. He’d won a competition where the winning entrant would get to see their design made up and eventually used by millions of people. Not bad going. But then Dent is lucky (and skilful) enough to have created the look of the UK’s new coinage, which is set to be put in circulation by the Royal Mint later in the year. The reverse of each coin will feature a section from the Royal Arms shield, which is then replicated in its entirety on the reverse of the £1 coin. The 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and 50p coins can then be laid out to recreate the shield itself. Dent, 26, currently works at London studio Three Fish in a Tree having studied graphic design at the University of Brighton, and he talked to us about the design that lies behind this rather impressive project.

BBH: Audi RS6 Gymnasts spot

In this visually stunning ad to promote the new Audi RS6, created by bbh and shot by Paul Hunter, a group of gymnasts perform choreo­graphed routines that represent different aspects of the car’s perform­ance

Spiritualized and Farrow: made for each other

Spiritualized’s Jason Pierce cut several minutes off his album Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space just so that the running time looked better typographically on the packaging. His partnership with designer Mark Farrow has produced some of the finest sleeve design of recent times. CR interviewed the pair of them on the eve of the release of Spiritualized’s new album


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