Channel 4: It’s A Sin campaign

Category: Integrated Campaigns; Entrant: 4creative

It’s A Sin is a Channel 4 drama about the AIDS crisis in 1980s Britain, created by writer Russell T Davies. For its launch at the time of a third UK lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, the channel decided not to emphasise its heavy-hitting qualities initially but instead focus on its coming-of-age story and the friendships at the heart of the show. Then, mid-series, it began driving real-time conversation around the important issues it represents.

Nostalgia was key – on the day the show launched, the broadcaster recreated a 1980s viewing experience on the channel. A throwback trailer for It’s A Sin, inspired by classic 80s movie tropes, played throughout the day, alongside archive Channel 4 idents, original end boards, continuity announcements (delivered in a polished RP accent), and the revival of the channel’s iconic original logo. Each and every detail evoked the era while capturing the joyful spirit at the start of the story.

This was then followed by a campaign to encourage debate and inspire societal change – especially around HIV awareness and testing – with Channel 4 using its digital platforms and partnerships to delve deeper into relevant conversations.

Agency: 4creative
Executive Creative Director: Lynsey Atkin
Executive Producer: Shananne Lane
Campaign Producer: Fiona Wright
Senior Designer: Aimi Awang
Ooh/Key Art: Creative/Art Director: Jim Chambers
Creative Director Retouching: Lydia Raghavan
Photographer: Tom Van Schelven
Retouching: Curious 80s
Takeover/Partnerships/Social: Creative Director: Lydia Raghavan
Creatives: Andy Shrubsole, Scott Taylor
Digital Director: Christos Savvides
Senior Director: James Brown
Social Director: James Henry
Digital Creative: Chris Rice
Producers: Fiona Wright, Nicole Roberts, Maddie Smith
Production Assistants: Sam Baker, Jazz Stradling
Post Production: Platform Post VFX: John Cryer
Audio: Ian Chattam
On-Air Clips: Senior Director: James Brown
Producer: Nicole Roberts
Post Production: Platform Post VFX: John Cryer
Audio: Ian Chattam
4studio: Head Of Content: Janine Smith
Development Producer: Ally Mcrae
Senior Producer: Laura Ward
Digital Producer: Chris Hitchings
Social Strategist: Emma Dowling
Graphics: Dan Bray Editor: Jack Fuller
Social Media Manager: Kate Al Mosawi
Production: Spirit Studios