Channel 4: Make Me PM campaign

Category: Integrated Campaigns; Entrant: 4creative

Channel 4’s new reality TV series Make Me Prime Minister invited ordinary people to take on the role of running the country. To coincide with the launch, the channel announced fictitious new policies – including legalising drugs and turning Parliament into student housing – through a series of digital posters.

Borrowing the language of government comms and pairing it with vibrant colours, the team commissioned graphic artist Peter Horridge to redesign the 10 Downing Street Royal Coat of Arms to more accurately reflect modern Britain.

Additionally, one of the policies, ‘All drugs are legal from midnight’, was articulated with a vending machine that stocked a range of fake narcotics in eye-catching packaging, bringing to life a fictional policy exploring a world in which all drugs are legal. The campaign also featured a movable set that travelled the country to let others have a moment in the political spotlight.

Channel 4: Make Me PM
Category: Integrated Campaigns
Entrant: 4creative
Agency: 4creative
Executive Creative Director: Lynsey Atkin
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Chris Wood
Digital Creative Director: Rudhraigh McGrath
Head of Design: Rob Boon
Designer: Dan Davies
Project Manager: Sophie McNeil
Managing Director: Katie Jackson
Head of Production: Esther Pilgerstorfer
Executive Producer: Charlie Bettice
Senior Producer: Paul Gleeson
Producer: Faye Adams
Production Assistant: Awais Irfan
Designer: Dan Davies
Motion Graphics: Pete&Tom
Director: James Henry
Post Production: The Farm, Platform Post
Audio: Platform Post
Senior Producer, St Marks Studios: Elle Castle
Producer, Curious Productions: Ella Cummings
CGI Artist, Curious Productions: Chris Veitch
Production: Taylor Herring
Banners: Screaming Colour
Art Director: Simon Davies
Props Master: Nick Abbot
Print Production: Nick Reeves
Creative Producer, Grand Visual: Lauren Payne
Director, Ambient: Jonathan Schultz