Channel 4: Partygate campaign

Entrant: 4creative; Categories: Integrated Campaigns; Print

The copy on the posters subverted official Covid language and rave speak with phrases like, ‘Run the Country, Rave, Repeat’ and ‘Stick 2 Fingers Up to the 2 Metre Rule’, as well as poking fun at the establishment with, ‘Everybody in the house say yeah’ and ‘BYO Brie’.

The 90s rave theme continued with on-air trails featuring rave imagery soundtracked by the Prodigy’s Out of Space and social teasers using unmissable garish graphics. On the day the programme aired, press ads that doubled up as cut-out-and-keep wristbands ran in newspapers, and party kits were sent out to influencers who unboxed them in front of thousands of followers, revealing tie-dye party wear, glo sticks, a Boris mask and other items.

Finally, the campaign visited Parliament itself with a ravey hype van, DJ BJ himself and an enthusiastic group of civil servants. It went huge on social media and was featured in the Guardian, Independent and the Evening Standard.

Agency: 4creatve
ECD: Lynsey Atkin
Creative Directors: Dan Warner, Andy Vasey
Creatives: Zoe Nash, Sali Horsey
Managing Director: Katie Jackson
Head of Production and Operations: Miketta Lane
Executive Producer: James Faupel
Senior Producer: Paul Gleeson
Project Manager: Claire Walters
Head of Design: Rob Boon
Designer: Armelinda Beqiraj
Senior Promo Director: James Brown
Promo Director: Celine Charles
Post-Production and Audio: Platform
Motion Graphics: Abbi Huxley, Pete & Tom
Media Agency: OMD