Channel 4’s Paralympics trailer

4Creative is behind the stirring new trailer for Channel 4’s forthcoming coverage of the Paralympics

Communications agency 4Creative is behind a stirring new trailer for Channel 4’s forthcoming coverage of the Paralympics…

Channel 4 is the official broadcaster of the 2012 Paralympic Games and the 90 second spot, Meet the Superhumans, features many of the key members of the Paralympian Team GB as they prepare for the competition.

What makes it much more interesting than the standard triumphalist sporting fare, however, is that among the sequences of endurance and athleticism several of the participants’ personal stories are interwoven into the film, which makes for a few unexpected, thought-provoking moments.

The trailer, which was first screened on Channel 4 last night, is directed by Tom Tagholm and was shot in the UK at various locations including Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire, the original home of the Paralympic Games.

The film is also available to watch on the C4Paralympic channel, or on the Channel 4 website. (Sadly, thanks to an apparent rights agreement with the music used in the spot – Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy – embedding the clip is not permitted via YouTube.)

Director/creative: Tom Tagholm, 4Creative
Producers: Gwilym Gwilym, Rory Fry, 4Creative
Cinematographer: Luke Scott, 4Creative
Editor: Tim Hardy, (edit facilities: Stitch)
VFX/Post Production: MPC

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