Channel 4’s Super Bowl sickie service

Channel 4 has launched a spoof online sickie service encouraging UK viewers to stay up late and watch its coverage of the US Superbowl on Sunday night.

Channel 4 has launched a spoof online sickie service encouraging UK viewers stay up late and watch its coverage of the Super Bowl next Sunday night.

Super Bowl coverage starts at 10.30pm on Sunday February 2 and runs until early Monday morning. 4 claims that more Brits call in sick on the day following the NFL game than any other day in the year, and has set up a site offering readers virtual sicknotes and advice on pulling ‘the perfect sickie’.

Visitors can choose from a range of spoof 24-hour illnesses that it claims will provide the perfect cover for staying up late and hosting a Super Bowl party.

Afflictions include bacon disease – which results in dehydration and a craving for salty food – nausea, headache and fatigue-inducing bibituria hangovurus and tinglititis, which is apparently known to cause sore throats and wind. Once users choose their desired illness, they are offered a virtual sicknote signed by ‘Dr Pigskine’, which they can download or share on social media.

The site also contains some amusing video tutorials offering advice on avoiding suspicion – one details the most convincing sick noises to make while at work, reminiscent of Ferris Bueller’s ingenious sickie sound system, while another warns of the dangers of returning to work with too much energy.

The campaign was produced in-house by 4Creative and directed by Molly Manners, and the responsive site was built by London and Edinburgh-based agency, Realise. 4 Creative is also airing a TV spot to promote the Super Bowl, showing a viewing party of epic proportions:

It’s a clever idea and the site features some excellent added details, such as spoof websites for each fake illness, links to hangover-friendly Channel 4 programming and a ‘duvet day’ Spotify playlist, providing further encouragement to enjoy a lengthy lie-in come Monday morning.

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