Channel 4 and Emperor: Channel 4 Annual Report 2018

Honourable Mention: Design, Print

When it came to presenting its annual report for 2018, Channel 4 wanted to challenge the status quo. Reporting can often be seen as a formula, governed by rules and requirements that make it difficult to insert the real story of the brand, its people and the collaborations that enable it to achieve its goals. Channel 4’s remit – to be innovative, to inspire change, nurture talent, and offer a platform for alternative views – needed to be reflected in its report.

In response, Emperor created a report that reflects the brand’s personality through visuals and design, while also delivering the required content. The report has the feel of a coffee table book, featuring a mix of paper stocks and a gloss foil effect on the cover. Inside, the brand’s typography and imagery is mixed with bright colours and stylish photography. Four characteristics that shape the business were identified: Challengers, Champions, Creators,  and Commercially Minded. These create the framework that shapes the way Channel 4 works, including the types of programming it invests in, and the people and companies it works with.

Throughout the development phase of the report, key senior stakeholders were directly engaged in the visual process, ensuring it was a true representation of what Channel 4 is and its vision for the future. The many stages of development and adaptation allowed Emperor to consider and build a bespoke reporting document that delivered against the needs of Channel 4, its people and its stakeholders.


Design: Channel 4 and Emperor
Channel 4:
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Jason Hesse
Deputy Head of Corporate Relations: Helen Jay
Creative Director: Stewart Clark
Senior Designer: Amber Hadley
Group Client Director: Miles Wratten
Senior Account Manager: Nick Wadsworth