Charity ads: a more mature approach?

The unscrupulous among the advertising community have often tended to look upon charity accounts less as an opportunity to help those in need and more as a chance to help themselves. Is a more mature approach emerging?

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National Geographic Rides The Vomit Comet

This week National Geographic airs a series of new idents in which a physical, 3D manifestation of its yellow frame logo and various other objects float around in zero gravity. The idents, created by agency, Brothers and Sisters were specially commissioned to promote and brand the National Geographic Channel’s forthcoming Space Week event (starting Sunday 4 January) – and were shot in zero gravity conditions in a G-Force One plane (a specially adapted Boeng 727 – the same kind of plane used by NASA to train astronauts) high above the Nevada Desert…

New Silkscreens

All the prints featured in this edition of Monograph are untitled works in progress. They are all one-off silkscreens, hand printed on hot pressed Fabriano paper.

Penguin on Design

Four seminal visual arts texts by Bruno Munari, Marshall McLuhan, Susan Sontag and
John Berger have been republished as part of Penguin’s ongoing project to honour its
design heritage.

Brit Insurance Design Awards Nominees

Barack Obama poster by Shepard Fairey, nominated for the Brit Insurance Design Awards 2009 in the Graphic Design category by CR’s Patrick Burgoyne
The nominations for the awkwardly titled Brit Insurance Design Awards 2009 have been announced, ahead of an exhibition that will be held at the Design Museum in London from February next year. As with last year’s awards, the inclusion of most aspects of design (including architecture, fashion, furniture, graphic design, interactive, product and transport) makes for an eclectic, but interesting, list.

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Monddi Design Agency

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Red Sofa London