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Designers for Japan is a collective of designers, photographers, art directors and imagemakers from around the world. Its aims are to offer support to peers, colleagues and friends in Japan, aid disaster relief and to act as a forum for anyone wishing to look at how visual communications can help in future disasters, wherever they may be.

As soon as the terrible events of March 11 became known, there was a great urge to help among designers and imagemakers, many of whom have strong links to Japan. But how?

The website Designers for Japan was set up to focus that effort and, hopefully, to help create models for future responses to humanitarian crises by this community. It has three main aims: fundraising, long-term support and to drive practical ways in which visual communications can help both in Japan and in future crises.

First, fundraising. An auction of design and art-related items is planned for the near future.

In the meantime, the dozens of imagemakers and designers who have already offered to help have been asked to create a print which can be sold to raise money for the Red Cross and for ShelterBox, the charity that provides emergency relief kits.

Contributors were asked to create an image that reflected their admiration for Japan and to express their feelings towards the country, its people and its creative community. A selection of those prints is shown on the following pages.

The prints are on sale via Print-Process at £30 for A2, £60 for A1 or £120 for A0 size. All proceeds after print, paper, production and postage will
be split between the two charities.


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