New campaign shows why eating Cheetos is the ultimate occupational hazard

The social and OOH campaign features a series of amusing scenarios showing what happens when people use one hand to snack on Cheetos and the other for life’s important tasks

An estimated 99% of people eat Cheetos with their dominant hand, according to research from the brand. For fans of the famously messy snack, this often means needing to live out their daily lives using their other hand in order to avoid causing ‘Cheetle’ dust havoc.

The brand’s new campaign celebrates the people who have committed their dominant hand to eating Cheetos, kicking off with a collaboration with Denver Nuggets basketball player Jamal Murray.

The accompanying social campaign features five spots showing the common pitfalls people experience while relying on their other hand – ranging from a baker botching a birthday cake to an unfortunate plastic surgery mishap.

The brand has also taken to the streets with a series of OOH executions including a less-than-perfect parking job and a New York Times ad riddled with grammatical errors. Fans are invited to join in by sharing their own hand-induced fails on social using the hashtag #CheetosOtherHand.

CCO, Cheetos: Chris Bellinger
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
CCO: Margaret Johnson
ECDs: Eamonn Dixon, Stefan Copiz
Copywriter: Pedro Furtado
Art Directors: Fabio Leite Santoro, Cale Berry
Production Company: Dummy
Director: Harold Einstein
DOP: Glynn Speeckaert
Production Designer: Patrick Lumb
VFX/Finishing Company: The Mill
Creative Director/VFX Supervisor: John Leonti