Cherrypick visual identity

Otherway rebrands food app Cherrypick

Previously called Lollipop, the platform has unveiled new branding that’s been designed to feel both functional and fun with the help of a handy mascot

London-based design studio Otherway has partnered with Cherrypick to create branding that can live up to its ambitious plans. Promising to change the way people think about convenience food, the all-in-one app helps people find recipes, plan meals, and even order groceries from local supermarkets, so they can make the food they want to eat with as little hassle as possible.

Hoping to encourage healthier, greener, and easier eating, Cherrypick needed an identity that could convey its fun and forward-facing attitude. Tasked with carrying out the redesign, the first job for Otherway was actually to rename the brand, which was previously called Lollipop. The team landed on Cherrypick because of the way the app helps users find the best ingredients.

This idea is picked up in the gentle curve of the wordmark, which resembles an ingredient being plucked out of a row of crops or off the shelf. The design itself is centred around the idea of Cherrypick being a handy helper for its users, and as such, at the heart of the rebrand is a new mascot called Handy, who serves to navigate customers through the onboarding process and the app in general.

Illustrated by Melbourne-based artist Steve Gavan, Handy is expressed in a variety of different ways across the brand and reinforces the playful yet practical nature of Cherrypick.

“The Cherrypick brand world embraces both fun and function, according to the Otherway team. “From the logotype to the illustrations – every touch point within the identity follows this principle, of celebrating the joyful experience of the brand while also being super useful.”

The logo, also rendered using an illustrative style, depicts a hand making the ‘chef’s kiss’ gesture, indicating quality and finesse, with the outlined shape of a cherry visible between the thumb and index fingers.

These elements are made even more playful through a vibrant colour palette that champions the natural tone of a cherry while adding splashes of brightness through a secondary set of hues drawn from “the bold colours of freshly cooked food”.

The colours are then matched by equally punchy photography, showcasing some of the delicious meals that can be whipped up with the help of Cherrypick.

“Photography in the brand world is broken into two categories: functional cut-out products are used to create a clear and simple way to show the types of fresh ingredients used within the recipes,” the team says. “While recipe imagery captures the vibrancy and enjoyment of cooking from scratch, creating layers of colour and well-styled crockery that bring to life the joy of eating together.”

The new tone of voice follows suit with language that speaks to both the fun and functional sides of the platform, allowing the brand to entice users with warm and distinctive messaging while effectively communicating the experience.