A new ad shows the school lunch experience for kids in poverty

Child Poverty Action Group’s campaign by Creature portrays a full lunchbox as a distant dream for children living in poverty

Child Poverty Action Group, a charity fighting to end child poverty in the UK, has launched a campaign illustrating how a proper school lunch is more of a dream than a reality for the one in four children facing poverty in the UK.

Directed by Adam Berg at Smuggler, the ad shows children opening lunchboxes overflowing with food, from towers of burgers to popcorn spraying everywhere. These scenes contrast with the young protagonist, who has to turn to their imagination when facing an empty lunchbox.

Set to a re-recording of Food, Glorious Food from Oliver!, the ad is reminiscent of the scene in the musical where the children daydream of food. It’s a bleak parallel considering the musical is set in a Victorian orphanage.

The advert is part of a wider campaign that includes a set of print and digital ads, showing seemingly typical parts of childhood as being the stuff of dreams for children in poverty – from having clothes that fit to getting a bed of your own to sleep in.