Childish Behaviour

AMV BBDO is the agency behind this distinctive campaign to advertise the Museum of Childhood in East London

The Museum, which is part of the V&A, has recently been renovated and the campaign came about after Paul Pateman, who art directed and illustrated the series, paid a visit one day. “It just took me back to my  youth,” he says. “So we approached them about doing a campaign for them. With the ads we are trying to keep that sense of childhood memories and of fun you had as a kid.”

The posters emphasise aspects of childhood that Pateman personally remembers, such as ripping the head off his sister’s Barbie doll or the experience of chewing a pen until it leaks all over your tongue. Legendary 80s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe even gets a mention in a poster that proclaims that one transport option to reach the museum is “by the power of Greyskull”. The hope is that the posters will provoke feelings of nostalgia amongst parents and prompt them to visit with their children.

“In the illustration I was trying to keep that sense of fun as well,” continues Pateman. “I looked at the toys in the museum for inspiration.

I used a 50s colour palette, because I wanted to suggest a sense of history, while keeping the illustration fresh and modern.” The background to the posters also specifically references the Museum, which has been renovated using tiles in a cuboid design. Alongside the posters, the agency is also producing a series of stickers to be used on empty washing-up liquid bottles so that a new generation can have the experience of recycling rubbish into rockets.


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