Chocolate Grotesque: a tasty portfolio from LCC student Peter Roden

Design student Peter Roden has come up with a clever way to get his portfolio noticed by potential employers, making typographic chocolate bars wrapped in a hand printed CV…

Roden studies Graphic and Media Design at London College of Communication and has just finished his second year. He is now undertaking a year of professional studies and is looking for work experience before starting an internship in São Paulo in December.


Keen to make his work stand out to potential employers, he decided to make some custom chocolate to show off his design skills and his interests in packaging, typography, letterpress and food.

Each bar features the letters A-Z and characters can be broken off and rearranged. Packaging includes a personalised letter for the recipient and a hand printed wrapper with information about the chocolate, the design and Roden’s interests and experience.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 16.01.52

To make the bars, Roden designed an A-Z mould which he 3D printed as a single piece of resin then moulded in silicone. Moulds were then filled with Rococo chocolate with the help of the company’s master chocolatier Barry Johnson. (We can confirm it tastes delicious).

The typeface, Chocolate Grotesque, is based on a Victorian hand cut letterpress font, which Roden came across in an old type specimen book. “The wrapper was hand printed from metal plates to achieve the aesthetic of original printing specimens,” he explains.

You can see more of Roden’s work at

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