Choose your own adventure with Chairlift

US band Chairlift has released the video for their new track Met Before as a ‘choose your own adventure’ style experience.

US band Chairlift has released the video for their new track Met Before as a ‘choose your own adventure’ style experience.

The video, created by Brooklyn-based creative shop M ss ng p eces, was co-written by Jordan Fish and Caroline Polachek of the band, and sees them take up the role of research scientists, hungry for both scientific and romantic adventure. Using’s video technology, the promo allows audiences to make choices at key moments in the story, via arrow buttons that appear on the screen.

This kind of technique has been used before in ads and videos, but this is the smoothest iteration I have witnessed, with the action seamlessly continuing whichever choice is made (and if no choice is made, the site decides for you). Once you’ve finished one version of the video, you can share your chosen story via Facebook and Twitter, or go back and start all over again, taking a new pathway.

Visit to watch, and play, with the music video.


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