Christa Jarrold 3D

How Christa Jarrold switched up her style without losing herself

The Margate-based illustrator, animator, and director discusses how teaching herself 3D opened up a new realm of possibilities for her darkly comedic work

The last time CR spoke to Christa Jarrold, it was off the back of her 2021 short A Dearly Bought Kiss. Taking its name from a real-life newspaper headline about the historic case of Saverland vs Newton in 1837, the brilliantly acerbic animation details how a court ruled in favour of a woman who bit a man’s nose off when he tried to sexually assault her.

Jarrold originally studied Directing Animation at the National Film and Television School, before working as an animator and character designer on projects for Strange Beast and Blinkink and doing freelance illustration for the likes of Vice. A Dearly Bought Kiss gave her the opportunity to combine her illustration and animation talents in a single project for the first time.

Fast-forward two years, and the artist’s already accomplished aesthetic has moved on a huge amount.