Client of the year: Google

Our 2011 Client of the Year was the band Arcade Fire. Our reasoning was that they had been responsible for commissioning some of the most forward-thinking work of the year. Our choice this year is a much larger organisation, but our reasons are similar

There are six projects in this year’s Annual in which Google has played a role, and many more that utilise its products. In traditional advertising, Google has bought some excellent work from BBH, making clever use of billboards and TV. Our Annual also includes Think Quarterly, the Google print publication created by Church of London. Evidently, these old school methods of communication are still important, even to Google. But it is not just a commissioner of creative work, it is also an active participant. It has co-funded and co-created a whole range of projects aimed at showing off its products, such as the 3 Dreams ofBlack interactive music video (see May). This is the traditional product demo taken to new heights. All of which makes Google a very fitting choice.

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