Coca-Cola Signature Mixers

Coca-Cola gets a premium makeover for new range

The original Hutchinson bottle makes a return as Coca-Cola launches a new series of ‘Signature Mixers’ aimed at the premium spirits market

Between the obsession with cosmopolitans around the turn of the millennium, a decades-long affinity for gin and the more recent onslaught of craft beer, dark spirits are yet to have their big moment. However, Coca-Cola is trying to bring them back with a new product range that sees Don Draper’s two worlds collide.

With consumers starting to gravitate towards darker drinks (Mintel claims the dark spirits market grew by 20% from 2013-2018), the iconic drinks brand has capitalised on its standing as the go-to mixer of choice by enlisting a set of renowned bartenders to create a series of signature mixers.

Coca-Cola Signature Mixers

The mixologists experimented with over 200 ingredients, both traditional and contemporary, in an attempt to create distinctive flavours that complement premium spirits like Cognac, Bourbon and a variety of rums (bar white, of course). The resulting flavours each claim to showcase a particular note – smoky, spicy, herbal and woody.

To reflect the premium angle, the bottles have been upgraded to a contemporary interpretation of the ‘Hutchinson’ glass bottle, a design that was first used in 1894 – long before the iconic contour silhouette typically associated with the brand today. But don’t expect to stumble across these easily, as the products will only be available in selected high-end locations.