Coca Cola’s ambitious Super Bowl plan

Coca Cola’s forthcoming Super Bowl advertising activity includes three new spots, written by Wieden + Kennedy’s Portland office, each featuring American football-loving animated polar bears. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Coca Cola last night spilled the beans about its forthcoming Super Bowl advertising activity. There are three new spots, written by Wieden + Kennedy‘s Portland office, each featuring American football-loving animated polar bears. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

While watching the big game, CocaCola fans using iPads, computers or smart phones will be able to also watch two animated polar bears as they too watch and react to the game in real time in an icy cave. One bear supports one team while the other bear supports the opposition. The bears will whoop, groan, jump up and punch the air in response to the action – just like viewers at home.

The idea for the campaign is based on the findings of research that reveals that around 60% of TV watchers have the TV on but comment using Twitter or Facebook at the same time – meaning they are using two screens / devices at the same time.

So here’s how it works. Coca Cola will start advertising the online activity from today. Coke loving football fans will be encouraged to go to the drink brand’s Facebook page and sign up to the activity.

The bears, created and animated by Framestore, will actually be digitally puppeteered during Super Bowl in order to react (one bear smiles while the other groans, above) to whatever is happening. The bears will even watch and react to all the ads too. And should a racy advert air, well, they’ll even respond accordingly…

And the bears don’t simply react to the big game. They’ll both be tweeting and responding to tweets live too, allowing consumers to interact with them. Heck, the bears will even show off some of the incoming communication, if it amuses them enough:

And, but of course, the bears will star in three new commercials during the big game too. One of them in particular is rather good and features a group of bears fumble a bottle of Coke across a stretch of ice, taking each other out as they desperately try not to drop it – a sequence sure to amuse American Football fans.

CR’s older and more cynical readers might wonder whether or not people will really watch two screens at once when the big game is on. Some people might prefer to pay close attention to the game and interact with their friends and family in the real world, rather than with two digitally puppeteered animated bears devised by Coca Cola and its agencies. Then again, even to the most cynical observer of advertising, the scale and ambition of this activity is actually pretty exciting.

And Coke aren’t the only Super Bowl advertiser to embrace digital this year. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners have created an app for car company Chevy which, when downloaded, will allow users to interact with it during the game and potentially win one of 20 Chevys up for grabs:

We have no doubt that dozens more Super Bowl-related apps will be announced between now and the big game on February 5. But which will score big with consumers?


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