COI ads showcase new directing talent

London production company, th1ng, has created a series of five 30 second commercials commissioned by the COI through agency Farm. Three of the five films are directed by new directors recently signed to the production company…

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When we first saw the above film on TV, we actually thought it was a new spot for Nike or a clip from a new hip hop video. So it was somewhat of a surprise to learn that it was, in fact, a new ad commissioned by the COI to persuade 11-14 year olds to consider getting to grips with a foreign language…

The film is one of five new 30 second ads created by London production company, th1ng, through agency Farm. Each film features young people singing, talking or rapping in a foreign language, and invites the viewer to “try life in another language” and to visit a T4 hub website:

Three of the five ads, including Disiz (shown above) were created by new directors at th1ng: Disiz was directed by Angry Natives, Dancer (shown below) was directed by Dan Lumb, Neon City by Anne Xiao. Football and Shadows were both directed by Daniel Cohen.

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Dancer, directed by Dan Lumb @ th1ng

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Football, directed by Daniel Cohen @ th1ng, features street football skills of two kids from Real Madrid’s youth academy

All five commercials are airing on Channel 4 and Sky channels this month while longer versions can be viewed at the campaign’s website

Ad agency: Farm
Copywriter: Simon Cenamor
Art director: Raymond Chan
Production company: th1ng
Post production: th1ng
Disiz – Max Oginni, Ewen Stenhouse
Football – Daniel Cohen
Neon City – Ann Xiao
Dancer – Daniel Lumb
Shadow Girl – Daniel Cohen

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