Angular illustrations of guitar players printed onto a yellow vinyl record

Coke Studio transforms vinyl records into zoetropes

Coca-Cola’s global music platform has released vinyls that come to life thanks to a vintage analogue animation technique

Coke Studio, which began life as a music TV show in Pakistan over 15 years ago before becoming a global music platform, has teased its upcoming eighth season in the Philippines with a limited-edition vinyl.

Created in partnership with WPP Open X – a division dedicated to The Coca-Cola Company – and Ogilvy Singapore, Coke Studio’s Video Vinyl transforms the listening process into a multi-sensory delight.

This is achieved through an old method of animation called zoetrope, which was discovered as far back as 1833, and remains a simple yet enticing way of bringing static imagery to life. Coke Studio collaborated with a handful of illustrators to create a range of designs for the vinyl records, which feature music by emerging and established Filipino musicians released during season seven of Coke Studio Philippines.

The illustrators involved in the project include New York City-based Vanilla Chi, South Borneo-based Rakhmat Jaka, and Montreal-based Mathieu Labrecque, each of which brought their markedly retro styles to bear on the designs – fitting, given the vinyl medium.

According to Coke Studio, the artists have “imbued the artwork of these collectibles with hidden gems, secret messages, and shoutouts that echo the stories of the musical artists”.

“Coke Studio thrives on the beauty of fusion and the wonderful serendipity of unexpected harmonies and genres,” notes Teejae Sonza, senior marketing director for Coca-Cola in ASEAN and South Pacific. “These Video Vinyls capture the magic of Coke Studio in a unique format, reflecting our commitment to blending artistic mediums and musical genres in a way that excites and inspires.”