Aardman: Coldplay, Daddy

Honourable Mention: Music, Music Video

The video for Coldplay’s Daddy portrays an atmospheric journey through a girl’s fragmented memories of her father. It follows the girl, lost at sea and sailing towards the unknown. The turbulent sea is echoing glimpses of her past with her dad, and the sea and skyscape become an emotive canvas projecting her recollections. The video uses live-action puppetry, digitally painted sets and 2D animation to create a tapestry of styles that symbolises the girl’s memories of her dad.

Aardman was sent an early draft of the album and asked to select the songs they would like to work with. Aardman director Åsa Lucander chose Daddy, commenting: “I’m often drawn to emotional stories and I knew very quickly that this was one I wanted to tell.”


Production Company: Aardman
Director: Åsa Lucander
Producer: Rob Franklin