Communion: F.U.nd launch campaign

Entrant: Uncommon Creative Studio; Category: Direct Marketing

Communion is a new savings app with huge ambitions. The founding team wanted to help young people reassess their relationship with money and build powerful new habits. Daniel Hegarty, the ex-founder of online mortgage broker Habito, approached Uncommon Creative Studio to help launch his new venture, as creative partners but also minority equity holders. Uncommon was tasked with building and launching the new brand.

Other finance brands focus on idealised versions of what savings can get you – holidays, dream homes, cars. Uncommon focused instead on what they believe young people actually want: freedom from everything holding them back.

The team built Communion’s brand around the cathartic idea of freedom, with the visual identity forged from the ultimate symbol of freedom – the broken chain link. The launch campaign was a defiant goodbye to all the financial hurdles controlling people’s lives, and the idea of saving as freedom ran right through to the product itself: the F.U.nd, a savings pot designed to help you tell that person standing in your way where to go.

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio
Director: Tally Francis