4Creative: Channel 4, Complaints Welcome

Honourable Mention: Advertising, In-House Campaigns

Part of Channel 4’s remit is to champion diversity and give a voice to marginalised and underrepresented minority groups. Following Brexit, the UK has seen a dramatic increase in hate crimes and extreme political rhetoric, and Channel 4 wanted to use this campaign to highlight its ongoing commitment to a diverse Britain and a tolerant society.

To do this, Channel 4 used its own highly diverse and influential on-screen talent, who are all shown recounting genuine complaints about them, which reveal opinions that are homophobic, racist, sexist, classist, bigoted, blasphemous, vulgar, anti-disability, or just plain out of order. The resulting film avoids being angry or negative and instead uses humour to make a serious point, in a way that is particularly appealing to younger viewers.

Agency: 4Creative
Acting Head of 4Creative: Chris Wood
ECD: Alice Tonge
Creative Directors: Jonas Roth, Rasmus Smith Bech
Creatives: Eoin McLaughlin, Caio Turbiani, Raminder Samra
Director: Alex Boutell
Designer: Tim Fellowes
Group Business Director: Matt Berry
Head of Production: Clare Brown
Executive Producer: Shananne Lane
Senior Producers: Fiona Wright, Shananne Lane, Tabby Harris
Production Manager: Laura Jenkins
Junior Production Manager: Christopher Osborne
Project Manager: Olivia Emmerson
DOP: Matt Fox
Production Designer: Simon Davis
Costume Designer: Kate Ruth
Make-up Designer: Susana Mota
Editor: Adam Rudd, Whitehouse Post
Grade: George Kyriacou, Black Kite Studios
Music Re-record: Leland Music
Audio: Abi Leyland, Envy Post
Controller of Marketing & Media: James Walker
Deputy Head of Marketing: Laura Ward Smith
Marketing Manager: Laura Woodcock
Head of On-Screen Talent: Emma Hardy


Milton Keynes