Computer Mag In “Good Design” Shock

Most computer magazines look like this.
Thanks to the good people at SpiekermannPartners, PC Professionell now looks like this:


Most computer magazines look like this.
Thanks to the good people at SpiekermannPartners, PC Professionell now looks like this:


The German IT magazine is using the slogan “PC Professionell- simply different!” in its advertising to promote the re-launch and, compared to the rest of the market, it’s certainly that. Eschewing the Photoshopped-within-an-inch-of-their-life monstrosities that adorn most covers in this sector, the new-look PC Professionell goes for a rigorously controlled typographic approach. This hardcore approach is replicated inside (see below) as the designer’s perennial urge to tidy up is brought to bear with extreme prejudice.

The new design was developed under the direction of Ralf Weißmantel of SpiekermannPartners, the studio set up by Erik Spiekermann and five others. “The layout ought to enable improved ease and quality of reading, in order to do justice to the magazine’s quality of text and high density of information,” Weißmantel explains.

Usually what happens with re-designs like this is that, once it has been handed over, the publishers lose their nerve and all the old nastiness starts to creep back in. I’d love to think that PC Professionell will be a roaring success and that hideous photo-montage illustrations and ugly product shots of ugly products will be forever exiled from its now beautiful pages. But I doubt it. Please Frau Publishing Director, give it a chance.


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