How concerts went virtual for Covid-19

We speak to Kate Moross and Rob Sinclair about bringing the concert experience into people’s homes for Kylie Minogue’s recent Infinite Disco show, and how everything from streams to video games are changing our perceptions of what live music can look like

As 2020 draws to a close, most music lovers would probably agree that it feels like an eternity since they experienced the sweaty crush of other human bodies at a gig, or witnessed the creative potential of set design to transport them into the world of their favourite artist. While various fundraising initiatives have gone some way in supporting the music industry, as long as social distancing restrictions and curfews remain in place, artists and venue owners will continue to fight a losing battle.

One ray of hope amid the absence of live music is the number of artists turning to the virtual world to engage with their fans. Early in the pandemic, this took the form of Twitch, Instagram and TikTok plugging a gap with their livestreaming capabilities, but quickly evolved into a whole raft of innovative and entertaining virtual concerts that are bringing the experience of live music into people’s homes.