Concrete Hermit arrives at Tate Modern

A new selection of T-shirts, posters and illustration books have arrived at the Tate Modern, courtesy of Concrete Hermit…

East London’s Concrete Hermit Gallery has been championing the work of contemporary illustrators and graphic designers since it opened in 2007. As well as putting on regular exhibitions in the shop / gallery, founder Chris Knight has been commissioning the likes of Ian Stevenson, Eboy, Jon Slade, Kate Moross and many more to create exclusive graphics to adorn Concrete Hermit T-shirts sold in the shop and through its website, and he has also published a string of illustration books with several up-and-coming image makers.

But Knight’s curatorial work at Concrete Hermit has not gone unnoticed – at the weekend a range of Concrete Hermit products and specially commissioned graphic T-shirts and art prints were made available exclusively through the shop in the Tate Modern. The artists commissioned for this series are Anthony Burrill, Ian Stevenson and Andrew Rae.

“I was approached by the product development team at Tate Modern who wanted to showcase the type of work we’ve been doing through our shirts and books at Concrete Hermit,” says Knight. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring the work of these artists to a wider audience. Hopefully the project will reward the Tate’s willingness to engage with contemporary illustration and design and be the first of many collaborations.”

Here are some pictures of the T-shirts, posters and illustration books by Burill, Stevenson and Rae…

Ian Stevenson

Antony Burrill

Andrew Rae



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