Outdoor advert for Coppafeel showing an older looking woman with the line 'I thought someone with breast cancer looked like this'

Coppafeel shows why young people need to check their chests

The charity’s new campaign by adam&eveDDB uses an aging filter to visualise misconceptions around breast cancer only affecting older people

Coppafeel’s new campaign by adam&eveDDB – the agency’s first work for the charity – reminds younger members of the public to check themselves for breast cancer. It comes in response to the commonly held belief that diseases such as cancer are something people only need to worry about later in life, when in reality, it can affect people of any age.

“Our research highlights that only one third of young people view breast cancer as something that could affect them,” says Coppafeel marketing director Martine O’Donnell.

The campaign revolves around three young women who have all received breast cancer diagnoses in real life. Their stories are shared in social films directed by Molly Manning Walker and a set of digital outdoor ads, all of which involve the use of aging filters. As the content progresses, the filter is removed, revealing young women who were all in their early 20s when they received their diagnoses.

“I think we all have the preconceived idea that breast cancer only affects older women, partly because they are usually the ones we see in breast cancer awareness communications. The reality is that’s not always the case,” says adam&eveDDB creative director Paula Hochberg.

“Breast cancer affects young people too. That’s why we needed to change the face of breast cancer, to urge younger people to start checking their chests as early as possible.”

This spot forms part of a wider trend among charities to show how life-threatening diseases can impact people of all ages, among them British Heart Foundation’s recent campaign.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim
ECDs: Ant Nelson, Mike Sutherland
Creative Directors: Paula Hochberg, Molly Wilkof
Creatives: Jane Barker, Gaby Grant, Sali Horsey, Zoe Nash, Forrest Clancy, Jay Parekh
Director: Molly Manning-Walker
Production Company: Rogue
Post: Selected Works
Design and Artwork: King Henry Studios