An unconventional coronavirus survival guide courtesy of Max Siedentopf

The visual artist is asking people to use the sheer boredom of self-isolation to their advantage in a series of weird and wonderful creative challenges

Namibian-German visual artist Max Siedentopf has a number of creative strings to his bow, whether as creative director of agency KesselsKramer, co-founder of quarterly fine art mag Ordinary, or as a director (see his particularly inspired music video for Sigrid, in which he played a starring role after the singer didn’t turn up to the shoot).

Siedentopf’s latest creative endeavour is – perhaps unsurprisingly – inspired by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He decided to start the project, Home Alone Survival Guide, after the UK government announced its new guidance around self-isolation for people with suspected symptoms.

Each day, fellow self-isolaters can check out Siedentopf’s Instagram stories for a new task to carry out while stuck at home, with the most inventive creations taking pride of place on his website and Instagram page.

The results range from the topical, such as using masking tape and bubblewrap as toiletpaper substitutes after those pesky stockpilers had a field day in your local supermarket, to the downright absurd – a Louis Vuitton handbag made out of a used eggbox is a masterclass in Covid-19 fashion inspo.

“With the surprising and unprecedented spread of the coronavirus, the entire world has been flipped upside down in less than two weeks,” says Siedentopf.

“However, even confined in your four walls, there are so many opportunities to create new and exciting work and turn this into something positive. Together with everyone around the world that’s stuck at home, I created a survival guide for being home alone.”

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